Kino Defined
Terra Defined

Terrakino will capture image sequences of geological and ecological phenomena over time-spans that will allow the nature of these processes to be comprehended.

Very Long Duration Time Lapse Photography. Images sequences will be aquired digitally by networked intervalometers and compliled on this site into motion pictures.

Hundreds of years will be required for the most compelling sequences to be completed. The first sites will capture a young oak trees' growth, and will produce substanically completed sequences within a few decades.

Let us join together to make a product that we cannot grasp in the moment we create it, modeling the subtle process by which we collaborate to generate our world.

Let us step back from the search for immediate gratification from our labors. Let us look out into the future, and in this moment, work together to make something only our children can experience. In this, we help to insure them that future.

copyright (c) 2004 Proud Ape Productions
Images courtesy NASA and NOAA

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