We want to assemble a guerilla production group. A core of 10, 15 or so smart skilled
pros who are fed up with the bloated way we make movies.

We want a structure in which we all have a stake in the product, sharing all the work and all the proceeds.

All these new production modalities allow us to cut the cord. Who needs Fotochem and Editel? Who needs IATSE and Nabet,  who needs CAA, Sony or MCA?

Production is always like a natural disaster, so why not approach it more pragmatically?
Why not fall in and help each other?
Why can't the producer help load up after wrap?
Why can't the prop guy help run cables?
How come the DP can't park his own truck?
Why not rotate jobs, lets shoot the editor's script this month, and the gaffer's next. Lets all back each other up and share all our knowledge and rewards.

Screw job security, lets get ourselves some artistic security! Lets make a filmmaking collective, one that we can believe in, one where we collaborate enthusiastically and where we all grow and profit together.

I'm in still in this business mostly because I love movies, cause I believe in them as myth and magic because they have shaped my life and values.

I don't really need a 10 million dollar 3 picture deal. I need a vocation I can enjoy and believe in. Yeah, I need to cover my nut, but I want to feel like my work is meaningful, that I'm learning and growing. I want some fellowship and intellectual stimulation. I need to feel some purpose and creativity, and I'd love to have a voice.

I'll bet there are plenty of you who feel the same way. Maybe it's a boomer mid life thing, maybe the 20 somethings are just looking to get on the cover of People and pull down their first million, I can't say. But I do know a few (not enough tho) midlife boomers colleagues who share these more humble spirations.

If you share some of these impulses, if you have solid experience keying a department, if you have a script that is well suited to low budget digital production, if you work in California, or want to, let's talk about econstructing the process. Let's get together and make it all make sense. Let's take charge of our own professional destinies.

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